Support Committee for Boules Sport at 2024 Olympic Games

Boules Sport bidding for inclusion at 2024 Olympics

Boules Sport bidding for inclusion at 2024 Olympics

We have the honor and pride to announce a united voice and solidarity of our sport the nomination filing for 2024 Olympic Games. 2024 Sport Balls in the original spirit of the creation of CMSB expresses that our disciplines are one and the same single sport.


> The same sport that since 1986 has enabled the CMSB to be recognized as an Olympic Federation by the IOC.

> The same sport that allowed us to be a member of SportAccord, the IWGA and ARISF.

> The same sport – through the representation of our three disciplines – allowed us step by step – to be present in all national, continental and world championships.

> A sport that even today is present in 165 countries, 262 federations and is practiced by nearly 200 million people.

> The same sport practiced on every continent, with a representation of everyone regardless of age, sex, origin and religion.

> A very accessible sport whose practice is integrated into all existing sports facilities.

> A same sport as enjoying the respect of rules concerning the struggle of prevention against doping. The same clean sport with virtually no environmental impact. Same sport whose health benefit is undeniable.

> A same sport whose benefits are many in terms of socialization, engine intake, sensory, intellectual and emotional.

> A same sport whose universality marries the popularity, the transmission of values ​​make it a multi generational sports A sport that is even sports health japan, national sport in Thailand and other examples property.

> The same sport that is our sport and we’re all set to bring his candidacy for the Olympic games.


The goal is ambitious but we want to reach. To reach it, we will act on all the necessary parameters to let us know, we submit, defend our case and move from eligible elected.